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Cinema, je' taime

Iranian,  إيراني One thing about Iranian films is there’s always something in it that I connect with. It’s generally the little things, little problems, a certain conservative nature of it that we’ve come across growing up. One man who captures it perfectly is Asghar Farhadi. Ever since watching A Separation, the drama that takes you into a journey of a couple, their lives, the little things of it and ending on an open note, like he does in all his films. Making the audience part of his process, putting a question for us to answer- So this week, when I sat down to watch About Elly, a movie where a group of friends go on a road trip, one among them being Elly who isn’t well known to most of them. The way down the line, things get messier and complicated over a certain event that occurs. Again the little things that I mentioned of earlier- a scene where they play dumb charades, the way they tease one of the characters with Elly and then comes a most beautiful and honest line as the
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Where do the Oranges fall??

An orange falls from a tree- Not on Newton. No one wondered why she fell, like he did when the apple did. But everyone wondered whether the orange was orange or the orange was the orange. Is orange a color or a fruit or a color named after the fruit or the fruit named after the color?? How does orange look?? For me she looks orange, for you too she does- but my orange isn’t the same as yours. I might be color blind or you might be, or we both might not be- yet orange is orange today, but tomorrow or for someone else, she’s totally different. Once we make an attempt to accept all the confusions of her cover, we look closer, as she lets you into her world. As we get introduced to a new expression among the various others of her. The juicy vesicles that we consume each one of them having a quality of her own, mood of her own and having her own individual existence within. An aroma of her own that slows down the movement of sand into the other side of it. As we separate a vesicle, anothe

Post Master of None, Season 2

After finishing a fantastic second season of Master of None, started going through Ansari's Wikipedia page to come across that he has written book on something he was dealing with through his series. So I got the book and I've been reading Modern Romance- An investigation. Reading this, I'm kind of feeling that in a way we feel we're a generation who've seen the best of both, now I feel that we've lived the best now we're just turning into 'not so nice' people. The way we play some form of competitive games over the various apps available to us, where the texts are a way to hide from the actual conversations or the way our personalities are judged over the way we use the dictionary, grammar, emojis and how we sound over a text. After some level there is an understanding dynamic between the two, but until then it's this uncertainty that might come off as confusion or in a judgemental form, might be a loss of something that could've would&#

Tobey Maguire, Akshay Kumar and Mani Ratnam

If someone could write a code to find the frequently used word by me in the past few months, a word that would feature itself in top five would be Dahej. The place I look for reasons to get out of even if it means travelling forty kilometers to watch a film. In an overly crowded, fitting people in corners keeping the doors open travelling away from the ‘Mein aur Meri Tanhaayi’, that is the isolated experience of Dahej. Plugging in, listening to some Ed Sheeran- looking around and wondering, what am I doing here? As I try to adjust into my seat. The loud tracks of Badshah in the vans do distract me, the spits of pan do distract me but in this chaos of our lives, where I can’t even hear my voice- distraction is a routine, is a form of concentration. Then we arrive, to a land where Uber is only an app on your phone and not a reality. The weekend kicks off- Boss Baby. Easiest getaway from the world possible- The parallels it draws about being an adult from a baby’s perspective and about

Batman and Bananas

Bananas- The fruit most of us love. We consume the good of it and dispose the peel. Something that we ignore to notice is the way the peel makes people fall down, if not disposed rightfully. After extracting the good, if you leave it on the streets to decompose, it’ll get back on the human race by making someone slip for someone else’s action. This sounds like the story of every grey character towards the black end we’ve known- the bad guys- or the villains that we’ve come across. So who are the good guys? Bananas??- Maybe. So let’s talk about Batman, the universe with a quite a lot of grey characters. Batman was trained by mercenaries who wanted him to destroy Gotham, become a ‘peel’ to Gotham slip it off its course of downfall and mark a growth of a new civilization. But he does become a symbol, a symbol of ‘right’ among all wrongs- he becomes the peel in the dustbin. When the peel is in the dustbin, instead on the street- it’s in the right place, doing the right thing. Not on the

Arrival at La La Land to find Fantastic Beasts

When you’re walking around the mall and see a piano playing itself to a set tune with a barricade around it saying- “just enjoy the music from a distance”, but deep down, you wish you were wearing a suit or tuxedo, jump right in, start playing it and the whole mall breaks into singing and dancing- You’re still not over La La Land. At least I wasn’t. From the way it flows and you find it difficult to put the experience of it into words. Just like something that cannot be explained, but experienced only in a dark room, on a large screen through four seasons- a perfect symphony of the love for dreams and dream of love. Something that could make you remember the most inanimate thing, that you’ve forgotten and stays in the cupboard or the last time you played it. A guitar that you used to play for the fun of it, means a lot more and you wish it was here, with you. When Bollywood that thrives in music in creating moments falls short in front of a magical musical, and you know it’s someth

In between the Lakes and Palaces

If you’re A poet A misfit A dreamer A schemer A rebel A loner A doer A thinker Please For the love Of the universe Don’t change A piece of blue paper with these words on it was handed to me on a bowl with many others, with different quotes to it. The universe chose this for me, amongst all the other chits of paper, stuck between my fingers as I lifted it from a ‘bowl of quotes’ placed at our table along with the bill at a café, in the narrow lanes of Udaipur. With partially digested pasta with pesto and a shot of caffeine in the form of Irish coffee, I was hit with strong words making me ponder about- What am I doing? - in middle of the largest state in the country. Of all the café’s in all of Udaipur, I walk into this and this little blue paper falls in between my fingers. I was lost in a sea of thoughts, each word playing on repeat in my head as I walked down the narrow lanes towards Bagore ki Haveli, again. I couldn’t hear the words of my friends, just s